“Mo Bounce” is the title of Australian rapper, model and director Iggy Azalea’s new video. It is bootylicious with a capital B and she is enjoying every moment of her teasing dance and words. “Bet you wishing you could clutch that!” she says and it is a sure bet that many would agree with the statement. The artwork for the single was released before the music video, but we knew what we were getting into. A large booty in a string bikini, crouching before a mirror that reflects her beauty made for quite the release announcement this past Friday. “Mo Bounce” is expected to also appear on the new album she plans to drop, but no date has been confirmed yet. It will be appearing alongside her single featuring Lil Uzi Vert named “Can’t Lose” and the album itself has been titled Digital Distortion if it does not see any changes along the way.

Slick moves and lots of booty shaking and twerking are the highlights of “Mo Bounce” as Iggy shows off her 26 year young toned body to the world, the background set in Hong Kong. “Im so glad to see all the positive feedback the #MoBounceVideo is getting,” she tweeted on Friday, thanking fans for their support. “You guys are so hyped, I love it. :-)” Certainly a fun and sassy music video, while it is easy to bounce about to the song itself. Mind you, after hearing the word “bounce” that many times, it is rather hard to sit still. Perfect for the clubs as well as for getting one’s adrenaline pumping and backside moving. Sexy as always, Iggy leaves us with a desire to twerk about and watch Fast and the Furious all at once. The hype was so worth it!