It’s an American Country Love Song with the New Jake Owen Single

Jake Owen 2

Jake Owen, has brought us a summertime single for 2016 that should be moving a few heart strings. Owen has been known to recount some adventures and misadventures with love through his music. This second single release from his upcoming unnamed album,  is titled “American Country Love Song”  and brings in a feeling of freedom and youth, which might be inspired by his recent divorce and his confession of finally feeling happy again. These days he can be found touring the country in his 1966 Volkswagen “love bus” which makes him super fun to follow, and is easy to do via social media of course! On March 1st he revealed he would take a road trip and stop in different regions to meet with fans beginning on March 5th. He even suggested that fans can come along!  He plans on having a blast from Nashville to Key West, while feeling young and crazy again, living the American Dream, so to speak. Now we’re just waiting for his fifth solo album later this year.

This latest single is definitely more traditionally classic in the country genre than his previous singles were, the last of which appeared nearly a year back in May of 2015, titled “Real Life.” This new one goes all stereotypical country on us, with a lighthearted message, a lively beat and modern production; the song is fun, energetic and just makes you feel good about summer.  It is a love story between cowboys and cowgirls, cheerleaders and quarterbacks and all that typical American life has to offer. The message is that we are all the same and each has his or her own battle, but at the end of the day, nothing beats a good old love story. It’s beautiful, simple and one can totally get into the groove, enjoying the moments of kindness and gentle loving that end up being all that we remember from the days of our youth. So, baby, let’s spread the positivity with the “American Country Love Song” by raising a glass and enjoying life!

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