Jackson to Release First New Album in Seven Years

Music Mix Daily Staff





It has been seven years since Janet Jackson’s last album, so the singer already brought major media and fan attention last month when she tweeted an “Announcement” video teaser. Released on May 16th, which also happens to be Janet’s birthday, the short clip included mentions of not only “new music” and a “new world tour”, but also of a whole “new movement” to come this year.

Janet has been a singer-songwriter (and actress, too!) who has remained a major figure in pop culture for over 25 years (that’s four more years than Justin Bieber has been alive, in case you were wondering). With a soprano voice and genre-bending songs, her music has often pushed the boundaries of popular music through their innovation, exploration, and social awareness.

Already, less than a month after her “Announcement”, one more piece of the puzzle seems to have fallen into place, as Janet has now shared that she will be releasing a new album. This will be her first new album since 2008’s Discipline and it is set to be released this fall.  So, although the album is currently still unnamed, and no singles mentioned or shared, it is still deeply invigorating news for restless fans!

News of Janet’s 2015 album was first released on her website in the form of a press release, and was later confirmed through her Twitter in an adorable tweet that reads, “You will always know it is true when you hear it from my lips.”

Even though Janet’s press release was incredibly detailed, we have to say it was a bit dry… we are hoping for more details about her music itself, and less about the business behind it. Hopefully she will turn to Twitter again soon to release some more teasers! MusicMix Daily is certainly curious to hear the new tunes and check out superstar Jackson as she hits the road one more time.