James Franco’s ‘Daddy’ Release New Song

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Daddy 1


In case you hadn’t heard, James Franco (actor, writer, student, producer, insert-profession-here) is in a band named Daddy, along with co-vocalist Tim O’Keefe, who Franco met while getting his MFA at the Rode Island School of Design (RISD). Together, they released several EP’s under the name Daddy back in 2012 and 2013, but their much anticipated debut album, Let Me Get What I Want, will be coming out in spring 2016. Their second single from the album, “You Are Mine,” has just been released on the band’s Soundcloud.

If the album’s name sounds suspiciously like something you’ve heard before, well, that’s because it is. The title is a reference to The Smiths’ 1984 song “Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want.” In fact, the whole album is Smiths-inspired and will feature The Smiths’ own bass player Andy Rourke.

Each song is based off of a series of poems that Franco wrote, titled “Poems Inspired by Smiths’ Songs” from his recently published book Directing Herbert White: Poems. The poems, each named after a different Smiths song, make reference to people Franco knew at Palo Alto High School.

The album covers the themes of the high school experience, and the uncertainties and yearning that come with that time of life. Franco told Rolling Stone, “High school is a time of longing for the unattainable. We dream big, but we’re still too young to make anything happen. “You Are Mine” is about one teenager dreaming about another, even though they’ll never be together.”

It was last year when Daddy released their first Smiths-inspired track, titled “This Charming Man,” a funky 80’s-style tune. “You Are Mine” takes on a much darker feel.

Each track on the album will be accompanied by a music video, coming together to create an hour-long visual companion.