Jason Aldean Burn It Down Tour Review

By Crystal Leifheit for Music Mix Daily



~Jason Aldean is currently wrapping up his very successful, mostly sold out, world wide Burn It Down Tour promoting his Old Boots, New Dirt album. It was recently announced that in the summer of this year, Aldean’s tour will merge with Kenny Chesney’s The Big Revival Tour for ten stadium shows.

I saw Jason Aldean, Tyler Farr and Cole Swindell on February 14th at the North Charleston Coliseum, Burn It Down Tour.  .  There was a parking advisory due to “The Book of Mormon” showing at the North Charleston Performing Art Center nest door.  We could have parked across the street in the Tanger Outlet Mall parking lot and been shuttled over, but we decided to take a chance.  In doing so we were parked in a grass lot at the end of the coliseum.  Parking wasn’t horrible, a little far to walk, but better than waiting in a mile line long for a shuttle to take us back to our car.

The show started on time (7:30) with Tyler Farr coming out first. Tyler Farr was the opening act although I thought he was much better than Cole Swindell and  he should have came on second to get the crowd all rowed up for Jason.  Tyler was all over the stage from one end to the other non-stop.  He played a few songs that sounded more like heavy metal than country, which I was kind of shocked by (I liked but just wasn’t expecting).  When he was finished performing DJ Silver came out and spun a few songs for the fans while the stage was being set up for Cole Swindell.  DJ Silver was pretty good and kept the crowd in good spirits. What I did find a bit strange was that we were at a country concert and he played mostly rock and roll music.  Cole Swindell came out and did his thing.  He wasn’t as entertaining as Tyler Farr and he didn’t “pump” the crowd up like Tyler Farr did.  Cold Swindell sang a few Florida Georgia Line songs, which threw me off and kind of changed my opinion of him because I am not a Florida Georgia Line fan.  Tyler Farr was more entertaining and interacted with the audience more.  When Cole was finished, DJ Silver came back out while the stage crew set up for Jason Aldean.  Jason’s music began playing, the coliseum went dark and we saw fire on both ends of the stage.  There was a huge “A” lit up on stage and then we heard Jason singing but couldn’t figure out where he was.  It looked as if the A rose and he appeared standing on it singing.  He made an excellent grand entrance.  Pow Pow Pow we heard and saw more pyrotechnics.  The crowd went wild!  The stage looked awesome.  There were two large projector screens on each end of the stage and two projector screens in the middle.  The middle screens showed him up close and pictures of other things such as videos while he was singing.  The outside screens stayed focused on Jason and his bandmates the entire time.  Throughout the whole show pyrotechnics were going off.  He rocked the crowd….everyone was standing, clapping, yelling, screaming, singing, raising their beer and having a good ol’ time all night.  I was very impressed with Jason Aldean’s singing and his guitar playing.  I can’t say that his performance was heart-felt or humble, but it was “hard”.  He played hard and he sang hard and he put on a good show!  He wasn’t overly friendly with the audience and didn’t interact with us very much.  He did shake a few hands and said a few words, but there were no stories, long conversations about his songs or the history of his music career or thank you’s to his fans for helping him get this far.  At one point he brought all of his guitar players out front to play together, but he never introduced his band.  He is much thinner in person than on TV.  He looked rough.  He had huge bags under his eyes.  It looked as if he had just been in a fight or been up for a week straight.  His looks did not affect his performance but it was kind of strange to see him that way.  He was on stage for a good two hours before he sang “Just Getting Started” and then exited the stage.  After the crowed went wild yelling Jason, Jason, Jason, he came back and sang “Dirt Road Anthem” and ended with “She’s Country”.  I can’t express enough how talented he is…he has a beautiful voice and he is a damn good guitar player.  I was intrigued watching him play all night and would certainly go back to see him.


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By Crystal Leifheit for Music Mix Daily