New Album By Justin Timberlake is Very Much Down to Earth

Having taken his inspiration from his wife and son, Justin Timberlake is set to release Man of the Woods as a rather earthy new creation, to be dropped just days before his appearance at the Super Bowl 2018 halftime show. The first single is already available. The album as a whole has a Wild West feel to it according to the teaser video released a few days back on social media. It’s very personal and brings in a touch of his Tennessee home. Mountains and campfires can be seen through the mind’s eye. The promo video includes cameos by little Silas and Jessica Biel as well, with Timberlake showing off his family and all the love he feels for them. Plus, that’s all raw sex appeal oozing from that shoot.

Man of the Woods also has some fine collaborators we can expect to hear from, including The Neptunes, Timbaland, Chris Stapleton and Alicia Keys. It is due out on February 2, via RCA, though we can already enjoy the cover art photographed by Ryan McGinley. This will be his fifth studio album, and fans have been thoroughly enjoying the former boy band singer’s solo approach for many years now. At least most have. Twitter feeds and news pages are full of pretty harsh critiques as well. Then again, the artist has grown from a boy into a man, and with that comes an evolving of lifestyles. Loyal fans who have known him from his NSYNC days have also grown up and generally have families of their own. We can certainly relate, especially when it comes to soul-searching in cornfields and camping in the mountains with loved ones. Since his last studio album was back in 2013, it has also given us plenty of time to miss him, despite his constant musical appearances – Trolls soundtrack and all. As for the dropped single? “Filthy” is pretty far from what the name implies. Grown up Timberlake is, with futuristic robotic inventions shown off on set to some slick dance moves. We are pretty sure Steve Jobs was an inspiration here. Dancing robot avatars in 2028? Check!