Kanye West Making “Waves” with Cursing in new Gospel Album

Kanye West



It is as yet unsure whether or not to call Kanye West’s new album Waves a gospel album, but he sure seems adamant about naming it so. In his own words, it is “a gospel album with a whole lot of cursing.” Now, if you ask me, that just sounds like a bunch of baloney, but that is what makes West so very special; his ability to turn everything he does into a godly act. Though this latest release is really beginning to confuse, for more reasons than one. Forget the cursing in the gospel, the man cannot make up his mind about the name for the album itself!

The internet is abuzz with articles that claim he just is not done naming his baby yet. No really. Yeezy with Saint baby is having trouble coming up with a name for an album? That sounds like a publicity stunt to me, along with the whole Kim Kardashian asking for help from Twitter followers in a poll to have fans decide on the final name. It also makes sense why the Madison Square Garden show was sold out within 10 minutes of tickets going on sale. And what, pray tell, is happening there? The rapper will be showing off his Yeezy Season 3 collection at the NYFW, along with a live concert to commemorate the release of seventh studio album Waves, formerly known as Swish; unfortunately, that has meant that two fashion designers have had to reschedule their events to be able to fit Kanye in as he wants it. The ripples caused here will not be winning him any friends, but we will all tune in on February 11 at 4 pm to check out what exactly the fashion calendar was turned on its head for.

That whole family has a knack for marketing, and in Yeezy’s case, that includes bouncing back and forth between calling it the greatest album of all time and trying to retract that statement. Of course the nay-sayers are wondering if it will be Mr. West’s first disappointing album, but most won’t be jumping on that particular bandwagon. It appears that the general consensus is that most do like the name now and hope there is no name change. It would actually be cool to have waves as the whole theme of the concert as well, a concert that will be showing live in select theatres for those who have not managed to get their hands on the tickets as well.

Even if you are not a fan of Kanye West, you have to admit that his antics are rather amusing and his fame comes from crazy stunts, such as that when he called a midnight concert at the man made Swan Lake in Armenia last April, jumping in and causing quite the stir among the population that had barely heard of his name. Yes, Waves is a great name and it should stick, but Kim K’s poll shows that fans prefer the “So Help Me God” title most. As for the whole gospel thing, here is what Yeezy had to say in one interview – “It’s the gospel according to ‘Ye. Not exactly what happened in the Bible, but it’s a story of this idea of Mary Magdalene becoming Mary.” Sounds solid, I guess!