Kanye West Shows His Love for Caitlyn Jenner

Music Mix Daily Staff

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Kanye West has been showing his support for Caitlyn Jenner, the step-mother of his wife Kim Kardashian, over the last few days. While we’ve all been following the family through the reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kanye really revved up his commitment this week.

Caitlyn Jenner

It all started on Caitlyn’s first Father’s Day as a woman, when Kanye made a tribute to his 65-year-old  step-mother with his own, special version of Stevie Wonder’s hit song Isn’t She Lovely. Caitlyn, known in the past as Bruce, is supported by all of her family, including Kim and Kanye, and the tribute apparently brought tears to everyone’s eyes.


According to sources close to the family, the song came as a surprise, which is something Kanye is all too familiar with these days – a couple of months ago the singer surprised his fans in Armenia, a country he was visiting due to Kim’s ancestral connections and to mark the 100 years since the Armenian Genocide. Despite the somber occasion, Kanye brightened up the country during his last night there, by giving his Armenian fans a free concert in their capital city, Yerevan. During the surprise show, which began at midnight, the rapper jumped into an artificial lake and shared his microphone with the fans who poured into the water (excuse the pun) to join him.

Still, his surprise for Caitlyn was clearly closer to home and showed a level of acceptance for her transition that is praiseworthy. And it seems Kanye isn’t ready to stop supporting his beautiful step-mother yet – sources have recently revealed that she is likely to be featured in one of the rappers next music videos. Kanye is no stranger to featuring his family members in his music videos, most recently appearing with his wife Kim in his sultry video for Bound 2. While we doubt that Kanye and Caitlyn will be getting quite so steamy in any future collaborations, it will certainly be interesting to see the results!