Kanye West’s Life of Pablo a Permanent Tidal Exclusive!

Kanye West 2


Ah! Yeezy’s finally released his album. Fans are excited at the news we have been hearing leading up to this big reveal.   Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo is out! This is Kanye West’s 7th solo album appearing amidst music, fashion and pretty big egos. Between a fashion show and the album’s launch during the New York Fashion Week, Madison Square was roaring on February 11th. The album was simulcast live around the world to several different venues.

“Tell me how y’all feel about the clothes this season?” he asked to cheers. “I think you might think because I’m a celebrity or I made money and rap, that this shit is easy to do. One of the hardest things to do was to get the talented people that worked on the collection to believe in my vision enough to come roll with a rapper.” Well, we have to give him that, since it is clear that designers can certainly be difficult!  His parting words of “To be creative director of Hermes was a dream of mine” is certainly something to make us wonder… will Yeezy be leading the designs at Hermes soon? I suppose we will all just have to wait and see.

Songs found on the new album, which is expected to be available exclusively to Tidal subscribers but never go on sale and especially never be on iTunes, include:

  1. Ultra Light Beams
  2. Father Stretch My Hand Pt. 1
  3. Father Stretch My Hand Pt. 2
  4. Famous
  5. Feedback
  6. Low Lights
  7. High Lights
  8. Freestyle 4
  9. I miss the Old Kanye
  10. FML
  11. Real Friends
  12. Wolves
  13. Silver Surfer Intermission
  14. 30 Hours
  15. No More Parties in LA
  16. Facts Charlie Heat Version
  17. Fade

If you have seen the artwork to the cover of the album, the simplicity and dizziness inciting effects of it are pretty astounding.


Kanye West 4