By Hazen Witemeyer @Hazengirl

Wet Republic Pool Party Set Review

Like the claim to fame of the similar-sounding, differently-spelled dish detergent, Kaskade was spotless – flawless — at the Memorial Day Weekend Wet Republic pool party in Las Vegas.  But then again, that’s why he’s Kaskade.

Kaskade has been a pivotal DJ/producer on the EDM scene for well over a decade and a major driver of the evolution of the house music genre in America. If you’re a certain age, there’s a 55% or greater chance that the first progressive house song you heard and liked was one of his.  OK, that statement hasn’t been scientifically validated, but it’s probably true. According to people I’ve spoken to who knew him at the skate park in the Chicago suburb where he grew up, he’s also a pretty great guy.

As a seasoned professional, you can count on Kaskade to read his audience and venue. Accordingly, the set he played at Wet Republic was aimed at a crowd of whom only a handful were there for the express purpose of seeing him, and of whom probably half couldn’t name a single one of his tracks. Which must be weird because at a festival, everyone knows and either passionately loves or hates his music. 

From his own library, he pulled a number of more well-known recent tracks like Room for Happiness, Eyes, Disarm You, and Never Sleep Alone, as well as older tracks like Atmosphere. (Another great thing about Kaskade is he’s prolific, so he probably played many more of his own tracks that I just didn’t recognize.) Not of his own creation were crowd-pleasers like Zedd and Alessia Cara’s Stay, Tommy Trash & DENM’s Dreamer, and a super-cool rendition of The Weeknd’s I Feel It Coming.

Not too surprisingly, he captivated the attention of all at the venue, even to those who didn’t know him from Adam and were just there for the party. At one point, one of the cabanas was firing money into the air, repeatedly, and the crowd didn’t even notice.

In other words, Kaskade is a master whose capacity to find the perfect balance of elements – familiar and fresh; chill and danceable – is unparalleled in the industry. It was a spotless set. But so has been every set I’ve seen him spin.

What’s your favorite way to take your Kaskade?

Check him out on http://Kaskademusic.com