Kid Cudi Softens Blow of Cancelled Tour with New Single

Music Mix Daily Staff

Kid Cudi 1


In the early hours of December 2nd, Kid Cudi took to his Twitter page to announce that he’s cancelling his entire winter tour, which had begun a few nights before, on November 30th, in Denver, Colorado.

In a lengthy tweet to fans, Cudi explained his reasoning. “Things weren’t together production wise and I need a bit to make some changes. I got a lot I’m dealing with at this time in my personal life too and in order for the shows to be the best experience possible as well as keeping my sanity intact, I need to regroup.”

Cudi expressed his extreme disappointment in not being able to carry out the tour as planned, but compensated for the bad news with an early release of his next single from his album, Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven, which is due out digitally today (physically on December 18). The two-disc album will feature new works from Cudi along with a compilation of unreleased material.

The new single, which bears the same name as the album, is a contradicting mix of dark, pensive guitar riffs and Cudi’s chorus of “I’m all smiles.” It was produced by Cudi and Plain Pat, and is available to listen to on SoundCloud.

Cudi’s tweet implies that, while the tour may be cancelled, it may be replaced by something else in the near future, adding “I look forward to seeing all your smiling faces and feeling all your glorious love and energy at the top of next year.”

As for the lucky fans in Denver who got to experience the first (and last) show of the tour, Cudi wrote “I’ll redo your show as well 🙂 It’s only right.” A review of the show in the Denver Post’s music blog, ‘Reverb,’ describes how Cudi came on stage an hour late to a mostly confused audience with five unknown songs. It seems whatever production troubles Cudi mentioned in his tweet were already apparent during his first show of the tour.