Kimbra Gets Abstract in Goldmine Video

Music Mix Daily Staff

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New Zealand’s Kimbra has always been an eclectic artist, drawing on inspiration from multiple genres including jazz and electropop. Her new video for “Goldmine” shows that she can also get creative with her music video style. Kimbra describes the song, and its references to gold, as “a metaphor for pain and suffering” as gold goes through such a process to be created. However, we certainly didn’t suffer watching this distinctive video!

While the singer-songwriter is probably best known for her work with Goyte on the incredibly successful track, “Somebody that I Used to Know,” her own music certainly deserves plenty of attention, too. “Goldmine was released on Kimbra’s second full-length album, The Golden Echo. The album itself has been getting rave reviews and was chosen by Rolling Stone as one of the 20 Best Pop Albums of 2014. Rolling Stone describes the album as a “refreshing” addition to the pop scene where music created and played with an ever-increasing “tunnel vision” for the same sounds and beats.


Kimbra has shared that one of her major influences is Bjork, and we really feel like she channels the Icelandic Pop artist’s versatility and surreal nature in the “Goldmine video. Set to Kimbra’s unique and almost unearthly voice, the experimental artist’s music video was filmed in a German warehouse and shot in monochrome colors with plenty of gold foil (400 square yards of aluminum foil and 700 polystyrene spikes, to be exact!). The musician collaborated with artists Chester Travis and Timothy Armstrong to get the effect. These guys used stop-motion animation for the entire video, with no CGI involved. This impressive and time-consuming feat paid off – we loved the result!

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It is also nice to know that, despite the subject matter of pain and distress, Kimbra has a positive attitude to the song and its accompanying video: she thinks that the video shows the power of human beings. The young artist gushes that, “We hold immense power within us and I love how this is shown in the video through the use of all the different objects that manifest around me and, eventually, through me.” What a beautiful message for all the Kimbra fans out there!

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