Lady Gaga Pairs Up with Elton John for Killer Album


Lady Gaga and Elton John

Collaboration is the new sexy in the world of artistry, whether it comes to fashion or music these days. That makes the combination of Elton John’s timeless voice with Lady Gaga’s modern personality all the more appealing as the latest work by both ends up being more of a duet with a twist. It is a match made in heaven or hell, we are not sure yet, but the final results are expected to be tremendously successful in capturing our hearts. It is not the first time they team up of course, as we have seen them do so through the animated film Gnomeo & Juliet, as well as appearing together at the 2010 Grammy Awards with a medley named  “Your Song.”

Now, Lady Gaga is to release a new album by the end of this year, if Elton John’s words on the case are to be believed, where the songs can be nicknamed “killer” due to their simplicity and beautiful melodies. Gaga herself has revealed that she is going back to the early styles she used, which is exactly what made her so very popular. “Bad Romance” is one of the most amazingly written pieces of hers yet and her fan base, along with Elton John himself apparently, look forward to seeing that essence back in the album. With Gaga named godmother to Elton John’s two children, we knew that we would be getting something really amazing from them both working together sometime soon, but the idea that it might be just a few months away excites us to no end.

The Golden Globes of 2016 made Lady Gaga a winner in the category of Best Performance by an Actress in TV, Movie or Miniseries, which is also when she hinted at her new album release. As one of the best steps she has taken in her career, the award was hard-earned for her role in the fifth installment of American Horror Story, she has stated that focusing on acting in that show really allowed her to approach her music with added clarity. The world looks forward to hearing her work with Elton John soon, with restored faith in the artist’s abilities and feeling even more secure in the fact that her male counterpart is helping write out those “killer” melodies.