Lana Del Ray Sounds Ethereal with New Børns Track

Børns and Lana Del Rey combine musical talent to bring fans a truly romantic sounding “God Save Our Young Blood” single, a synth-pop hymn that is set to appear on the upcoming Børns album called Blue Madonna. It becomes available on January 12th via Interscope.

The song itself is all about late nights and young love, climaxing with a rather theatrical flourish and sounding quite divine throughout. Since Lana’s sister was already a collaborator with Børns on different projects, there was a certain pull that brought the talented artists together. According to an interview, “We met virtually before we met face to face I guess that’s how it is these days. The first time we met we FaceTimed and then I started doing a lot of collaborations with her sister Chuck who’s an amazing photographer,” Børns recalled. “Chuck shot all the photography for my album and we’ve been collaborating on some video projects and Lana was around and I showed her some stuff on the record. I really had her in mind when I was writing Young Blood and I think subliminally I was trying to do background vocals that sounded like her I was trying to do my best Lana impression and she was like ‘I feel like I’m already on this song’ and I was like yeah that’s kind of what I was going for.”

Del Rey is already on her LA to the Moon 24-date tour as of January 5th in support of her 2017 album Lust for Life that made it onto the Rolling Stones Top 50 Albums list last year. With the shadow of copyright infringement lawsuits at hand, though, hopefully the news turns towards more favorable tidbits of information instead. Del Rey has tweeted about there being no inspiration from Radiohead’s “Creep” but still willing to give up 40% of the publishing. The 32 year old has been making waves in the music industry for quite some time now and seems like she’s only picking up steam as the year rolls out. Thank goodness for that!