Lana Del Rey Releases Honeymoon Album

Music Mix daily Staff


Lana del Rey 2


Singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey’s latest album, Honeymoon, has hit shelves and is already gaining popularity. The new album features the pre-released single “High by the Beach,” which MusicMixDaily covered when it was first released. The single sets the tone of the entire album: a lazy, somewhat aloof voice croons over basic beats in several of the songs.

While Honeymoon is Lana Del Rey’s fourth studio album, and it reflects a more mature woman as Lana herself turned thirty this year, Lana remains a quiet character outside of her music, often shying away from the media. Yet the singer’s music really does speak for itself, most of the time.



In some ways, Lana’s distinctly morose voice, with direct and to-the-point lyrics might seem far from the notion of surreal. Yet, Lana herself had shared that she wanted Honeymoon to sound even more surreal than her album, Ultraviolence. She accomplishes this through even more instrumentals and an incredible weaving of her own vocals over each other throughout the songs. A great example of the latter is her song “Music to Watch Boys To,” which is almost haunting with her echoing vocalized thoughts.

Also included on the 12 track album is, our personal favorite,  a cover of Nina Simone’s “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood.” In fact, it can certainly be said the new album is jazzier than any of her previous work, infusing the horns and strings of the 20’s with modern hip-hop beats. This was likely orchestrated through her continued collaboration with songwriter Rick Nowels and Kieron Menzies and mixes in an incredibly eerie way with her omnipresent vocals.

All in all, the album will not disappoint Del Rey fans, with her sound incredibly familiar despite the small changes and may even bring in some new listeners, with its jazzed-up sound!