Laverne Cox, the first transgender person in history to be nominated for a Prime Time Emmy Award, has newly dropped her debut music video for the club-readysingle. The track has been described as a homage to “the kids who vogue, the kids who drag, the nightclub scene.” While there seem to be no plans to release an album and this music itself was started off as a joke, the Orange is the New Black star has certainly caught the attention of fans and Pride members everywhere. Why doesn’t she want to create an album? “I don’t want to do an album, I don’t want to be a pop star,” Cox said. “People have been asking me to do music for years, and I don’t want to do music. I grew up studying dance, and I did musicals through college. So I studied singing for years, but I basically decided years ago that I’m not a singer. I’m an actor. Which is cool, I’m happy being an actress,” she mentioned in an interview with OUT.

Cox plays Sophia Burset on the Netflix series Orange is the New Black but has been on the scene for many years now, starting her career back in 2000. Born in Mobile, Alabama, Cox first appeared as a contestant on I Want to Work for Diddy before VH1 took her on for the makeover television series TRANSform Me. To date, she has appeared in 12 television series and 14 films (both long and short), either as herself or a character, for a single episode or long-term. A trailblazer in the LGBT community, Cox has quite a fan base. “Beat for the Gods” certainly gained her quite a few more. It’s fun, it’s cute, and it’s enjoyable. It’s about queer club culture, makeup, drag and all the colloquialisms that she enjoys connected with that part of her life. Who wouldn’t enjoy it? It’s got everything that gets you up and shaking what the Gods gave you. We absolutely think she rocks in all things!