Lily Allen’s Pan Song a Tribute to Stillborn Son

Music Mix Daily Staff

Lily Allen 2


Lily Allen is living proof that being famous does not shield you from tragedy. Her song, “Somethings Not Right,” featured in the movie Pan, is a tribute to her unborn son. While the song was released several weeks ago, the singer has shared a personal tribute behind the song that has many listening to it in a different light, one full of strong emotions. 

The singer has revealed to the world that 5 years ago she was “admitted to hospital. Four days later I delivered a beautiful baby boy, but sadly he didn’t make it.” The soon-to-be-mother found herself in the hospital due to a viral infection which ultimately led to her giving birth prematurely, at 6 months, to a stillborn son.

The song’s lyrics, with this added understanding Lily has shared, are truly heartbreaking and make complete sense for a movie like Pan, celebrating childhood. The chorus includes the lines, “Something’s not right, Cause I know that it’s day but it’s dark outside, And I feel a weight in my heart tonight.” Another painfully touching lyric seems to speak to the child directly saying, “I waited for you, For you I made it better.”

Lily Allen is now the proud mother of two beautiful and healthy children, Ethel and Marnie. Her children are three and two years old, respectively. Before her son was to be born, Lily announced that she would be taking time off from her musical career. However, after a few years she and her husband, Sam Cooper, decided it was time for her to return to music.

We are certainly happy that she has begun writing and performing again. The singer is well-known for her first single, “Smile,” and has shown her own matured voice and sound on her second album’s hit singles, “The Fear and “F**k You.” Her latest album, Sheezus, is the first to have been released after her break (thankfully not break-up) from the music industry. This third album is best known for the hit singles “Hard out Here” and “Air Balloon.”