Long Awaited Broken Social Scene Album Announced


It has been seven years since 2010’s Forgiveness Rock Record by Canadian Indie band Broken Social Scene, but we finally got an announcement that a new album will be released this summer. Aptly named Hug of Thunder, the recent play of “Halfway Home” will be a part of it; it was the first song presented by the band after a 5 year hiatus. July 7 marks the release date of the album, featuring Feist, Metric members Emilt Haines and James Shaw, Stars members Amy Millan and Evan Cranley, among many others. “Halfway Home” is second on the track list, following “Sol Luna” and followed by 10 more. In total there are 12 tracks by the collective on this 5th LP, appearing via City Slang/Arts & Crafts.

The band is forever rotating its members, but Hug of Thunder will include Feist, Haines, Shaw, Millan and Cranley. The upcoming concert will be on May 23 in Machester, UK, while a number of tour dates scheduled for the summer that will mostly take place in Europe, but will also come to Pasadena, California, as well as Toronto, Edmonton and Montreal in Canada. The bulk of their concerts are expected to take place throughout May, with a weekend in July and in August during the height of summer.

The album includes:

1. Sol Luna
2. Halfway Home
3. Protest Song
4. Skyline
5. Stay Happy
6. Vanity Pail Kids
7. Hug of Thunder
8. Towers and Masons
9. Victim Lover
10. Please Take Me With You
11. Gonna Get Better
12. Mouth Guards of the Apocalypse