Upbeat and sad all at the same time, there was major heartbreak involved in the inspiration for the new “Green Light” single released on Thursday. Just 20 years old, New Zealand artist Lorde is quite the sensation and her latest single has been long anticipated, along with her new album that has been inspired by David Bowie it appears. For this particular creation, it appears that the lyrics are her way of really coming to terms with her breakup with photographer James Lowe. According to the artist, she imagined herself a drunk girl dancing while drowning in her sorrows while writing her music. It will be featured in her upcoming second album Melodrama, the first release since her debut in 2013 with Pure Heroine. There is an intensity to the whole album it seems, but “Green Light” certainly encompasses the melodrama presented.

Lorde is presenting a reflection through this music about her transition from teenager to adulthood after moving out of her home and being faced with the toughest of life questions: Who am I?

Set to perform at Coachella next month, we are excited to hear the rest of the album that will be coming to light mid-2017. At the moment though, we are enjoying the single’s video that director Grant Singer describes as timeless and full of passion. “There was a lot of pressure for me because I adore her as a person, and when you see the passion and the artistry in someone that you respect you kind of take that responsibility on your own as a director,” he said of the video, which was shot in Los Angeles’ MacArthur Park. There is so much right in this video and Lorde herself admits to it being special.