Lorde Won’t Be Pigeonholed on New Album

By Music Mix daily Staff




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Singer-songwriter Lorde erupted into fame with her hit songs ‘Royals’ and ‘Team’, amongst others. Best known for her low, husky voice, the young songwriter has redefined pop music with her melancholy and frank tunes. She’s also done a commendable job of staying out of the spotlight for less positive reasons, with her latest scandal being a photo with Taylor Swift’s foot– sounds like the tabloids really need some new material!

At the Golden Globes, Lorde mentioned that she’s started working on her second album, but with very limited detail. She expressed her desire to write “a project lyrically, before I attack it musically” and even called some of her own, new lyrics “amazing stuff.” Given her past efforts, that self-compliment is probably not too far off the truth. Instead of thinking she’s egotistical, we’re just waiting for our chance to hear that “amazing stuff” ourselves!

But Lorde seems as unsure as we are as to when the new album will be ready. Well, her exact words are, “I really don’t care” when the album is finished. But taken in context, we know she is just putting the process above an arbitrary deadline. So, Lorde, we’re ready to wait for you and your magical music.

But it sure was nice when, on Wednesday night at the ASCAP Pop Music Awards in Los Angeles, songwriter Joel Little shared some fresh information about Lorde’s second album. Little collaborated as a songwriter on Lorde’s past album and has already confirmed that he will be involved in the upcoming one. He shared that “a couple of songs” for the new album have been written, but almost no production work has been done.

A little bit frustrating for us on the receiving end, it seems that both Little and Lorde are full of patience! Little argues that they just want “to make sure the songs are really good and try and experiment with some new things – just different beats and whatever occurs in the studio.” At the same time, Little informs that the pair are aware of 18-year-old Lorde’s sudden and spectacular success and are actively working to avoid “pigeonholing ourselves in any particular way.”

We’re pretty excited to hear the new tunes, and we just hope that Lorde doesn’t take Little’s comment that “we can take the time to make sure we’ve explored every option” too literally. We’d rather if they stopped at the first 100… so, you know, we get to heart the album out before Lorde gets too old!