Our Upcoming Interview With Mags

We’re so excited to announce that we’ll be interviewing the multi-talented, international country music artist Mags McCarthy on February 12! Her new single, titled “Run”, is dropping on February 4. The song was co-written by Mags, M. Anthony and S. Hogan (and produced by Michael Anthony of Emerald Field Productions), as is about an unfaithful love. In it, Mags lends womanly advice to let it go and wave “good-bye.”

“Sometimes it’s better to cut your losses, before you’re in too deep. There is no point in sticking around, waiting in ‘hope,’ just to be broken,” Mags said. “This tune is about being honest with yourself and the understanding that if he’s not willing to give up his heart, then save yours. Muster the courage, lady-love, and RUN!”


“Run” will be available on all major digital retail and streaming outlets (Amazon/iTunes/Pandora/ Rhapsody/Spotify) on Friday, March 8, 2019.

Stay tuned to Music Mix Daily for our upcoming Mags interview!

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