Major Lazer Teams up with Justin Bieber and MØ for “Cold Water”

Major Lazer

With music in the electronic dance, dancehall, reggae, moombahton, trap, fusion, reggaeton and electro house genres, Major Lazer has become very popular. Composed of producers Diplo, Jillionaire and Walshy Fire, top names in the field,  who do much to elevate the group’s status. They have recently been teasing fans about a new song release, though the feature artist is not quite who we would have imagined. Their single “Peace is the Mission” was a huge hit over the past year and is currently available to stream for free. It is expected that “Cold Water” will become the new song of the summer. The collaborations are a bit unexpected and while Danish singer MØ is certainly a good enough fit, the news headlining Justin Bieber is an interesting pick, particularly considering the success of Diplo’s former collaboration with the singer and “Where Are You Now” not too far back. In Bieber’s case, his music has captured many hearts and his fan base in quite loyal. With his questionable teenage antics seemingly behind him, he seems to be on the fast track to being  right back on  top.

Diplo released statements about this upcoming single through his Lazer Sound radio show for Apple Music’s Beats 1, and the single is expected to premiere in the coming weeks. Expectations run high, considering this is Diplo we are talking about, especially since hundreds of millions of streams have become the norm for Diplo productions. MØ on her part has had quite a bit of success herself, with her mid May release already scoring 7 million plays on Spotify alone. Without a date to look forward to, we’ll certainly be tuning in to Beats 1 often, checking for any hint of the new single!

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