Maren Morris Proclaims Hero with Debut Album


Maren Morris cover art


She was asking for a Hallelujah and an Amen with “My Church” and taking all the blame for not being the one with her “I Wish I Was” bluesy single. She has been getting a whole lot of local media attention and love with her SXSW gig, while making us all sing that we are not the heroes of the story even if we wish we were. Maren Morris is a budding 25 year old All American star, ruling the country pop and folk rock genres with some of her latest songs. Appearing on two Billboard magazine charts with her lovely voice and pretty face, her gritty songs and truthful baring of the heart, Morris has quickly become a loved figure in the music industry. With a Nashville publishing deal in the works and her first ever full-length album due to appear on June 3, it is clear that the lovely lady that broke onto the public’s consciousness in December 2015 is well on her way to becoming a huge name in the country/pop scene.

Taking to the Texan stage as a child star, her story leads her to where she is now on a clear enough road, coming to Nashville by age 22 and writing songs for Kelly Clarkson, the lovable winner of American Idol many years back. Her single shot to the top of the charts, a few other songs have been written in the midst, and we are expecting to fall in love with her 11-track album that we just knew would be coming up as soon as we saw Maren Morris on stage. “I’ve come such a long way from who I was in Texas, who I am as a writer, who I am as a woman today. I think the message of this record is self-acceptance and awareness, and that to me is heroic.” I think that says it all.

It is clear that many are looking forward to seeing this rising star head out as the opening act on Keith Urban’s Ripcord World Tour 2016, which is set to begin from Kansas City the day of the album’s release. The fact that Morris has co-written every track on her debut effort means a lot and while she has been releasing independent albums since the age of 15, she has never set out into the world with such audacity.  That, combined with the fact that an independent release from last year alone racked up 2.5 million streams on Spotify, means she is sure to be a household hit soon enough!


The tracklist from Hero includes:

1. “Sugar”

2. “Rich”

3. “My Church”

4. “I Could Use a Love Song”

5. “80’s Mercedes”

6. “Drunk Girls Don’t Cry”

7. “How It’s Done”

8. “Just Another Thing”

9. “I Wish I Was”

10. “Second Wind”

11. “Once”