Maroon 5 V Tour Review

Live Nation VIP Experience

By Lesa Browning




Maroon 5 brought their V Tour to the Tacoma Dome on Saturday night, playing to a sold out crowd of of die hard fans.

Live Nation sponsored a VIP Experience that included a pre show gathering and I was lucky enough to attend with my friend Hazen.  The evening started early when we were treated to a security guarded parking lot at 5:15 pm.  There is something special when a man in uniform literally has your name on a list, especially in the greater Seattle area where parking can be rather difficult! Once we easily parked we were directed to a lower lever door to have our IDs checked.  We were given our tickets, lanyards and V tour bags containing commemorative tickets and concert hats.  We were allowed to do some very early “crowd free” shopping at the merch booth with a Live Nation representative.  About 6:00 pm we were taken to the party.  There was a very nice buffet with fresh fruits and veggies, home made chips, meatballs, sliders, various dessert items, every type of bottled water and soda as well as a full bar .  Tables were set up and a DJ was spinning what we were told were the band’s favorite jams. (The DJ service was Melody Music and they were great!) Everyone started to loosen up and the party hosts started to get guests involved in some fun photo ops they had set up.  Large back drops of the band were on hand as well as party hats, tiaras, feather boas, etc.  We all had some fun posing with the props.  Lots of dancing and warming up… literally as it was freezing on this night!  Finally it was time to make our way down to the floor section of the Tacoma Dome… all the way down to the very front, row 2 in the center.  We had great seats!

IMG_4034 IMG_4046

Rozzi Crane


Rozzi Crane was the scheduled first act, she started on time and was a powerhouse from the moment she came on stage!  I am a big fan of Rozzi Crane.  Having followed her career since she first appeared onstage with Maroon 5 a few years back, I have had the pleasure of seeing her live several times and meeting her three or four times.  She is a tiny little woman with a huge booming voice and has endless range.  With amazing personality and stage presence, Crane surely has a huge career in front of her.  She had a limited time to show this crowd what she was made of and she used it well.  She sang her own current hits off her new EP Space as well as a phenomenal cover of Heart’s “Barracuda.”  Before we knew it, her time was up.  But she announced that she was signing and taking photos at the merch booth.  So of course we ran back with all the other fans…..


I was happy to get a poster signed for the poster walls as well as a fun photo with Rozzi, who did a fantastic job!!



We didn’t have long to wait for the super fun guys from MAGIC! to take the stage.

This is a band that I was less familiar with, but very interested to see live.  I think they took Pop radio by storm with their hit song “Rude” and we all were interested to see just what else these fun Canadians in matching sharp suits had to offer.  What they had to offer was fun! They were charismatic and sexy and danced all over the stage.  They did a cover of Cindy Lauper’s “Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun” that had everyone singing along.

Maroon 5

Finally it was time for the main event!!!  We were all ready for Maroon 5.  Including the small standing “GA” group right up front that would later be explained by Adam himself as the folks that were cancelled at the last minute due to a freak weather event at the Gorge Amphitheater, in Quincy, WA last year.



The band opened up strong with the hit single “Animals” from the latest studio album V. Adam was wearing a nice “classic” sweater, but you had to know it wouldn’t last long…. it was zipped off pretty quickly.   The night was a high energy mix of all Maroon 5 albums.   “Makes Me Wonder,” “This Love,” “Harder To Breathe”    Lots and lots of the old stuff brought squeals of appreciation from the crowd.  Of course they played our favorite more recent hits too, including my favorite “Lucky Strike” and the more recent huge hits “Love Somebody” and “Maps.” Adam was seriously flying around the stage and out on the long catwalk.  Paying great attention not only to all areas of the arena, but also giving great praise to all members of his band.



The encore would bring us four more songs. “It Was Always You,” “She Will Be Loved,” “Moves Like Jagger” and “Sugar.”

The guys from Maroon 5 have gone through a few changes over the years but they looked great, they sounded great and the fans certainly showed up and were thrilled with everything they were doing on stage.

For more on where you can catch one of  maroon 5’s shows, check out their site: