Martina McBride Returns with a “Reckless” New Single

Martina McBride

Perhaps the best of Martina McBride’s singles to date was “Concrete Angel” back in the day, giving us a heart wrenching issue to really think about. The darling of the Country music industry has decided to make a comeback with her first radio single since 2012, where she sang “Marry Me” in collaboration with Train’s Pat Monahan, though this time with something that hits closer to home. (But that sure was a fun one then!) McBride’s “Reckless” was  released this past Friday. For many of her fans it might be hard to imagine her as anything other than the happily married, responsible parent they know and love.  Then again, what does it actually mean to be reckless? In McBride’s own words, it can be anything from singing late into the night at a bar or club, moving across the country for a job or merely falling in love, thus being reckless with your heart.

The Nash Icon debut release is pretty autobiographical from all appearances, with the gorgeous 49 year old, known for her soprano voice, deciding that what keeps us all human is the fact that we sometimes make reckless decisions. Questionable behavior in your youth is what makes you who you are as an adult, something we all know, for it takes falling a few times to learn how to stand up again. Martina admits to still feeling reckless from time to time, an emotion near everyone can relate to. Who wants to be perfect all the time anyhow? That might get boring and what fun would that be?—2DMk

With the 13th album underway and a long, happy marriage to celebrate (apparently it was a little recklessness that led the singer to her sound engineer husband), the spring months are shaping up quite nicely for the lady who happens to rock both pop and country these days.