Mavis Staples Announces Politically Charged New Album


Back in the day, the Staple Singers were a hit. Mavis Staples, the 78 year old solo artist who specialized in blues and gospel, has announced a new album that is named If All I Was Was Black and includes 10 new songs. Her collaborator on this is Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy, a name often associated with Staples since their Grammy Award for 2010’s You Are Not Alone as Best Americana Album, who has both written the songs and produced the album. The album will be out on November 17 th via Anti and is quite politically charged. In her own words, “You can’t stop me. You can’t break me. I’m too loving. These songs are going to change the world.” Art is a great way to make a political statement, and the title speaks for itself. Mavis Staple certainly hasn’t lost her spirit and we are happy to see a new album appearing only a year after her 2016 Livin’ on a High Note.

Staples is known for her activism during the ‘60s Civil Rights era, where life was indeed tumultuous and incredibly hard for America’s minority populations. Today, it also seems to be choppy waters in certain areas, which is why Mavis believes that we simply are “not loving one another the way we should.” The album’s title track has been released and it can be considered breezy yet poignant according to some critics. The soul legend keeps her status and continues to win the love of newer generations as well, for that voice and the beauty with which she manages to weave the story is not an easy feat to ignore. It is easy to imagine how incredible the rest of the album will be.

The full track list includes:

1. “Little Bit”
2. “If All I Was Was Black”
3. “Who Told You That”
4. “Ain’t No Doubt About It” ft. Jeff Tweedy
5. “Peaceful Dream”
6. “No Time for Crying”
7. “Build a Bridge”
8. “We Go High”
9. “Try Harder”
10. “All Over Again”