MIA Teaming Up With Skrillex

Music Mix Daily Staff

MIA and Skrillex 2


While we know that rapper M.I.A. has been working on new material, she’s actually been pretty quiet about the process. So it was exciting when she revealed she’ll be working with Skrillex. She dropped the bomb casually with an Instagram pic, and later confirmed the awesome decision to collaborate.

M.I.A., who is best known for her hit songs “Paper Planes and “Bad Girls,” has been known to mix elements in her music, from reggae to grime to Asian folk! She also lists a surprisingly diverse group of influences, including everyone from Lou Reed to the Beastie Boys (not to mention, music from Tamil movies!)

This most recent collaboration is not exactly a shock, but definitely exciting – Skrillex is renowned in the world of electronic music and DJ-ing. With 8 full albums under his name, he is also no stranger to collaborations, having worked with musicians including Ellie Goulding, Justin Bieber, and even the metal band Korn.

M.I.A.’s most recent release, an audiovisual project called Matahdatah Scroll 01 Broader than a Border definitely peaked our interest, including “Swords,” from her previous album, and a new tune, “Warriors.” The clips for the project were filmed in India as well as West Africa.

We can’t help but wonder if the new album will share some of the same elements and styles as this latest release. Though the short film is not officially related to the new album, her new album is called Matahdatah. The dots also connected when, in a recent interview, M.I.A. shared that her concept for the new record is, well “broader than a border,” just as she put in the title of the newly released audiovisual project.

When it comes to the album as a whole, M.I.A. is still being quite cryptic, stating in what seems like Shakespearian prose or something equally difficult to decipher that, “Sometimes I move vertical and somethings I move horizontal.” With so little to go on at this point, we can’t wait to see exactly how much and what style of Skrillex beats we will be hearing on the new tracks!

Matahdatah is expected to be released in early 2016.