Miranda Lambert Certified Platinum Tour Review
By: Crystal Leifheit for MusicMixdaily
Miranda Lambert is back on tour promoting her fifth studio album Platinum. I attended the concert with my husband and two friends.  The concert was indoors at the North Charleston Coliseum.  The parking was horrible.  They had a parking advisory because there was also an event going on at the performing art center, which is beside the coliseum so they offerred bus rides from Tanger Outlet, across International Drive.  We parked as far away as possible in what looked to be office buildings (I felt like we walked a mile).
The event started on time at 7:30 with the opening act RaeLynn. We had good seats, Section 213, Row J seats 1 & 2.  The set up looked good.   RaeLynn was just okay.  I’m not a fan of her current song playing on the radio “God Made Girls” so I wasn’t expecting to like any of her other songs.  While I think she gave a good effort, I kind of just looked at her as a young kid on a stage singing karaoke.  I also thought she sang too many songs for an opening act with only one song the crowd recognized.
Justin Moore came out and won the crowd over.  He is a true genuine humble person and thanked the crowd many times.  His performance was heart-felt.  His vocals were great, his band was great and you could understand every word to his songs.  He put on a really great show.  He rocked the crowd.
During the break while the stage was prepared for Miranda, Jukebox Mafia came out on a small stage at the end of the floor seats and performed several songs.  Their songs ranged anywhere from Prince to Niddy Griddy Dirt Band.  They were entertaining, sang well and told their story of how Miranda and Blake noticed them singing in Nashville one night and she asked to meet with them outside after their gig.  She hired them on the spot to perform at her shows while the crew set up her stage.
When Jukebox Mafia finished performing, Miranda’s video “Something Bad” came on all three screens.  We were entertained watching the video and at the end of it she came on stage.  I was expecting a big explostion and then her entrance but the video/song kind of just fizzled out and there she, was no big grand entrance.  Once I saw her, I immediately gasped at her apperannce!  I was expecting beautiful Miranda and instead we got grunge Miranda.  She had on a black Joan Jett sleeveless shirt with tight, short black shorts, some type of (almost fish net) looking stockings and ankle boots. While her look didn’t effect her voice or performance any, I just perfer the beautiful bombshell, more appealing Miranda.  I felt she was genuine and I also felt she sings from the heart.  Her music was certainly louder than her voice so hearing the words to what she was singing was a struggle. I overheard many people make the same comment afterward that “you just couldn’t understand her words because the music was too loud”.  I think she did a good job on stage interacting with the fans.  Her band and back-up singers were good.  The stage looked good and I liked that she walked the “M” on the stage and shook hands with the crowd.  At the end she left the stage and then returned with her back-up singer and RaeLynn and they performed “Cowboy Take Me Away” by the Dixie Chicks.  That was a nice touch.  She ended the show with “Gunfire and Lead.”  All in all, Justin Moore was the best performer and I would pay to see him again.
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