Neil Young Confirms Environmentalist Album

Music Mix Daily Staff



Rock icon Neil Young has announced his new album, titled The Monsanto Dreams, will drop on June 29th of this year. The album is a collaboration with Promises of the Real, composed of two of Willie Nelson’s sons, Lukas and Micah, alongside their bandmates Anthony Logerfo, Corey McCormick and Tato Melgar.


Young is no stranger to the music scene, having released his first solo album back in 1986 and collaborating with numerous groups, most notably Buffalo Springfield and CSNY (Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young). His style of music features personal and political lyrics, simple yet impressive guitar work, and a distinct voice, which varies between alto and high tenor. The legendary musician is also a familiar face in the activist scene, beginning with the Vietnam War protests, to which he and his collaborators devoted songs, albums and shows. More recently, Young had been involved in Iraq War protests and the plight of small farmers against major agricultural companies.

While Promises of the Real may not have the iconic status Neil Young’s name carries, the group is deeply involved in activism both through and outside the benefit concert Farm Aid (a project in which Neil Young and Willie Nelson himself are also highly involved). In their own words, the band produces “cowboy hippy surf rock,” so we’re guessing their involvement in the The Monsanto Dreams is at least half the reason Young described the protest album as “upbeat”, despite its subject matter.

The new album, which will be released with an accompanying Rebel Content Tour beginning in early July, focuses on the agricultural superpower Monsanto, a company notorious for its genetically modified seeds and other environmentally and socially damaging practices. So if you’re a fan of Neil Young and care about our planet, this new album promises to deliver both pleasure for the ears and an awakening for the soul.