New Album by Melissa Etheridge Announced!

Melissa Ethridge

Continuing on her tour, we will be seeing singer-songwriter and guitarist Melissa Etheridge well into the winter months, the last organized concert expected on December 18 at the Manhattan McCain Auditorium. Etheridge has taken over the news recently with announcements of a new album and the premiere of a Sam & Dave soul classic cover. The album, of course, garnered quite a bit of attention, with 12 tracks to its name that include “Memphis Train” and “I Forgot to be Your Lover” among many others. Her cover of the Sam & Dave classic is called “Hold on, I’m Coming” and falls 4th on the song list. The album itself is aptly named MEmphis Rock and Soul and is due to appear in stores and online October 7th. The album will reveal multiple covers from the legendary but now defunct Stax Records along with a whole lot of original verses the songstress wrote herself.

For the album, Etheridge has joined forces with PledgeMusic from which you can pre-order your copy of the album from today. The crowdfunding portal has been great to help her raise the funds for the album; the campaign reads: “Melissa Etheridge has done some pretty gutsy things in her stellar career. She’s shown no fear in forthrightly standing up for her truths, both in her songs and her life. But as an artist she’s never quite laid it on the line like she does on MEmphis Rock and Soul, scheduled for release on October 7, 2016 via Stax Records, a division of Concord Music Group. On MEmphis Rock and Soul, Etheridge brings her powerful voice and passionate vision to some of the era-defining treasures of modern music.” By pledging to the campaign, you can receive rewards in the form of t-shirts, signed vinyl, signed CDs, screen prints, birthday greetings, handwritten lyrics, songwriting lessons, and even guitar lessons. The tour kicks off on August 8 and circles the United States, with quite a bit of emphasis on the California region.

The album includes these songs:

  1. Memphis Train
  2. Respect Yourself (People Stand Up)
  3. Who’s Making Love
  4. Hold On, I’m Coming
  5. I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now)
  6. Any Other Way
  7. I’m A Lover
  8. Rock Me Baby
  9. I Forgot To Be Your Lover
  10. Wait A Minute
  11. Born Under A Bad Sign
  12. Dreams To Remember                                      Check out her site: