New Jessie Ware Song Co-Written by Ed Sheeran


The self-employed do not get maternity leave it appears, according to one of the latest interviews with English songstress Jessie Ware. The 33 year old pop, electronica, R&B and soul singer came onto the musical stage back in 2009 and has since made a name for herself. Her latest song is called “Sam” and has been confirmed to refer to her husband, wed since 2014. The best songs are the most intimate, and what can get more intimate than a mother singing to her daughter her life’s advice? Co-written by Ed Sheeran, it is poignant and perfect for Glasshouse, her latest album looking to shatter expectations. The song explored the themes of new motherhood, with the track recorded when she was eight months into her pregnancy. “And I hope I’m as brave as my mother/ Wondering what kind of mother will I be?/ I hope she knows that I found a man far from my father/ Sam, my baby, and me,” Ware sings. It is what we all feel every day into our motherhood, looking at our daughters and feeling determined not to allow anyone but the right partner approach them in the future.

Glasshouse itself has already seen multiple reviews, having dropped on Friday. With “Midnight” as the lead single and the delectable Latin-flavored “Selfish Love” pushing Ware forward on the music scene, along with the pure gold that was the “Alone” single, the album had already gathered all the hype it required before its release. Reviews have called it “too safe,” while the final track, the “Sam” we present here, has been seen as the only truly emotionally connecting piece of the puzzle. It is always a treat when stars sing about successful relationships instead of failed ones, and that is probably one of the biggest reasons why this particular masterpiece has made such an impact. Perhaps she’ll be stepping out of her comfort zone a little more with the next album?