New Kylie Minogue Video

The New Kylie Minogue Video….. It is sparkly, it is country, and it channels Dolly Parton. Kylie Minogue gets our blood pumping with gusto with her new “Dancing” single. She can’t stand still she says, and she won’t slow down. “When I go out, I want to go out dancing,” Minogue sings. It’s a sentiment many of us can relate to. The Day of the Dead references in the video are also intriguing. The video features the gorgeous 49-year-old rocking the nightclub as well as the motel room, all glitzy and glamorous, befitting the talent she is. The Australian native has resurfaced lately and we are excited for her fourteenth album to surface on April 6th. Golden is set to steal the limelight and bring Minogue some well deserved attention. If “Dancing” is any indication, it certainly will be a hit! We can also expect “Golden” and “Sincerely Yours” to have that country twang, as all three were recorded in Nashville in the of summer 2017. Channeling Dolly Parton is only the topping on this proverbial cake. So much magic happening.

The inspiration behind the country trend? The upcoming LP shows the artist’s vulnerability, while her being “a bit broken” led her to Nashville and a new direction we might actually come to love. None of us are immortal, and that is something that Minogue touches upon quite heavily as she decides to take control of how she meets her end. A very public broken engagement can do that to a person. Good for her for adding a whole lot of sparkle back into her life!

So should we be expecting a fully country Kylie Minogue album? From what her interviews have revealed, yes. But each song will stand out on its own, not dependent on bleeps and sounds alone. Hopefully, we get a lot more fun dancing videos, as well!