New Music by Jack White

New Music by Jack White paves the way to a new album. New songs have been dropped by Jack White, giving us a bit of a teaser on what to expect on March 23, when his new album hits online streaming media. Both “Connected by Love” and “Respect Commander” will be on Boarding House Reach, offering some great texture to the music. The former’s music video takes you on a visual journey that you can connect with, created by teaming up with LA director Pasqual Gutierrez. “The melody was coming straight from my gut,” says White about the music and lyrics, one which is very much on the modern side and has a rather psychedelic edge to it. It was actually recorded in three different studios, each in a different city: Sear Sound in New York City, Capitol Studios in Los Angeles and Third man Studio in Nashville. “I think these characters in my head, you have to put them in places where they’re in peril, you know? To me, I’ve always told people the pronouns don’t mean much; she, he, man, women. I say ‘woman’ in that song but it doesn’t really mean ‘woman.’ They’re just ways to get into a character’s head and try and see how I relate to your own life, and maybe other times people can relate to that about pushing away the people they love the most. So that was that character’s lowest moment in the song, and [he had] to rise above it, you know?” As for “Respect Commander,” it takes on the style of the Detroit techno music, with few lyrics and a guitar-heavy melody.

Boarding House Reach is a follow up to 2014’s Lazaretto and will be out via Third Man and Columbia. And while we are at it, we can enjoy some Jack White during this year’s Governor Ball Music Festival this summer, featured alongside Eminem, Travis Scott and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. We rather like seeing his solo work, despite loving his White Stripes music as well. The fact that he can indeed create in multiple genres makes him one hell of a talented musician. Hopefully, there is more we can look forward to this year as well?