Morrissey Gets “Low in High School” While Gearing Up for Hollywood Bowl

Morrissey Gets “Low in High School” While Gearing Up for Hollywood Bowl. It has been three years since the last Morrissey album. Fans have been quite patient in the waiting process and the hype is tangible now that the announcement for Low in High School has been made. The release date? It will be available come November 17 via BMG and his own newly founded label called Etienne. It has a rather unusual recording history, with Joe Chiccarelly producing the gem between France and Rome. The last Morrissey album, World Peace is None of Your Business, was in 2014, after having fans wait a whopping five years for its release. This one is said to be a “landmark record” due to the BMG deal. Let’s see what the general population has to say about that.

There will be a performance by Morrissey during the LA Hollywood Bowl, a one-off show instead of a tour, taking place on November 10. There is also a biopic in the mix that just came out called England is Mine, while October 20 will see the release of The Queen is Dead, an 1986 Smiths LP deluxe reissue. There should be more concert dates to add to this list of recent accomplishments, but that is a detail we have yet to get wind of. A bit of a musical revolutionary, Morrissey has lamented in the past months about the control over the music industry breaking its spirit in a way, where “we are left with music charts that do not reflect the feelings and needs of devout music lovers, but there cannot be a revolution.” It’s a sad day when musicians must serve the trends instead of creating them, thus giving birth to a whole lot of the tasteless for the industry. Thus, musicians like him certainly manage to hoard fan respect, despite the difficulties in producing the best music one can.