New Order’s New Video is a 21st Century “Sword in the Stone”

Music Mix daily Staff

New Order



New Order has just released a new video for the first single from their soon-to-be-released album, Music Complete. The chilled-out, muted song, called “Restless,” is taken to a whole new level with the strange and wonderful visuals of the video.

Both the song and the video give off super 80’s vibes, just the way New Order, a post-punk and electronic band formed in 1980 itself, likes it. The song itself sticks to the band’s self-stated ethic for Music Complete – it includes a lot of guitar and, while evocative of House music, it would certainly not be classified as such.

The video was produced by NYSU, a group of Spanish filmmakers who are probably most famous in the music world for their production of Radiohead’s Philip Selway’s “Coming Up for Air video. The filmmakers kept to the decisively 80’s vibe when shooting and producing the video, even projecting images on bluescreens behind the actors in several scenes (the choice of makeup and color didn’t hurt either).

The video showcases a frustrated man as he tries to pull a sword out of a stone, a clear nod of the head to King Arthur’s time. But the video is decisively modern as well, showing scenes including a rave and utilizing techniques like graphic tees on beautiful women displaying the lyrics of the song.

In fact, we would argue that video is definitely trying to make a statement, with its medieval table spread with modern junk food, although some fans and news stations have tried to say the whole thing is just a shout out to Game of Thrones. Yes, there is certainly some bloodshed, violence and beautiful women in the video, but we certainly don’t see that many neon lights in Game of Thrones. Still, we will let you be the judge…

We’re looking forward to some of the other tracks from Music Complete, including “Stray Dog,” featuring the talented Iggy Pop, and “Superheated,” for which the band brought in Brandon Flowers from The Killers and we can’t wait to see what those videos will bring!

You can grab your copy of Music Complete on September 25th. Hope you’re not too “Restless” in the meantime!