New Pink Single 


Beautiful Trauma is the upcoming Pink LP that she states she is “certifiably, insanely proud of” in a recent interview. It is due out on October 13 of this year and is her comeback album after five years of being relatively quiet. “What About Us” is the single released which rather intriguingly builds up from a ballad into quite the emotional dance track, complete with some fantastic pounding of drums. Pink’s voice has always had a commanding tone to it, so it is no surprise to hear the power in those vocals as she belts out the lyrics from deep inside. There is something desperate about the track as a whole, but with so much to think about. It takes on a political edge, pointing towards the latest stripping of the rights of those who are marginalized by society. Even the video’s background photo attests to this.

The lyrics are beyond beautiful as Pink decides to lead the charge against the political apathy that leaves the people with broken ever afters and equally broken trusts. The people are the children that need to be loved, to have help with their problem. They are enduring the pains of the moment and will be ready to stand up. It’s an anthem that we can truly associate with, no matter our background. Pink has always been provocative in that sense, but that is what makes her such a superstar in the world of music and life. The 37 year old singer and songwriter, named Alecia Beth Moore at birth, will forever be one of the best artists we have come across. After 17 years with the band, Pink’s got more than a few reasons to celebrate these days. That breast pumping selfie was simply too awesome to ignore as well and has been blowing up the internet with sympathetic mothers. We wish this beautiful lady another few decades full of happiness and a bountiful career.