New Ray Davies Solo Album!

Ray Davies 1


A new Ray Davies solo album will soon be hitting airwaves everywhere. Along with sharing his new song “Poetry” with us, Ray Davies, also known as Sir Raymond Douglas Davies, announced the release of his first solo album in 10 years! Yes, the well-loved legendary English vocalist of The Kinks with a penchant for acting and rhythm guitar brings us news of Americana, to be released April 21st via Legacy Recordings. While English through and through, Davies has been drawn to the artistic lifestyle of America for quite some time, and with his permanent residence now in the States, it makes perfect sense that he would be inspired to create a new masterpiece that celebrates this love. In 2013, even his memoir was named Americana and that definitely tells a lot. America holds special allure for our English knight. Combining the memoir with his music, Davies has included word passages from the book on the album, and we see some The Jayhawks accompaniment here and there.

While the album itself is incredible news considering it has been so long since we were treated to a solo creation, “Poetry” in of itself is compelling. It appears on the album as well and denigrates the increasingly corporate and quite homogenous American landscape. The song is available for streaming via NPR and seems to look at a sadder, less soul-filled America. It is a fascinating compilation of intriguing lyrics – “I kneel down and say grace for the comforts the world bestows on me / And the great corporations providing our every need / And those big neon signs telling us what to eat / And every shop window goods are designed to please / Oh but I ask / Where is the poetry?” Some might suggest that with so many empty songs currently filling up radio time, it is exciting to see deeper lyrics and a piece that really gets you thinking about your everyday comings and goings. Davies is certainly not the only artist to croon about what is potentially wrong with America,  with the current political divide this country is experiencing, we will likely see much more of this is music to come.

Ray Davies is not active on social media, although he does have a Facebook page and there is a link to preorder the album.

Americana will have 15 tracks. The full list includes:

1. Americana
2. The Deal
3. Poetry
4. Message from the Road ft. Karen Grotberg of The Jayhawks
5. A Place in Your Heart
6. The Mystery Room
7. Silent Movie
8. Rock ‘N’ Roll Cowboys
9. Change for Change
10. The Man Upstairs
11. I’ve Heard That Beat Before
12. A Long Drive Home to Tarzana
13. The Great Highway
14. The Invaders
15. Wings of Fantasy