New Selena Gomez Song in Collaboration with Marshmello


Confirmed as being one of her favorite songs, Selena Gomez has announced that there will be one particular track on her new album created in collaboration with Marshmello. It has been described as beautiful and rather cool, where she steps into his world and brings in her style. There is no release date on the song as of yet, to the disappointment of fans worldwide, nor is there information on what her newest LP will be named. It is not yet finished, according to the artist’s latest interviews, but almost there. This means that we should be getting lots of juicy information soon enough, as well as some incredible music from the former child actress who truly has moved on from her Disney days. Selena Gomez is one Barney & Friends star that, despite her angelic façade, is no longer the little innocent she has played for many years now. A song like “Fetish” certainly manages to kill that original persona created in her youth, perfectly turning up the sex appeal. Her rumored portrayal on the new Taylor Swift album will only add to her grown-up image it appears as well.

Other songs we can expect from our young and sometimes troubled beauty include one rather anticipated piece in collaboration with her boyfriend, also known in the music industry as The Weeknd. That one is currently in the works and, despite not having a release date yet, we know it will be a “sexy, sultry, slow love song.” Sounds about perfect for the couple who may one day plan on settling down and creating a family together.