New Shania Twain Now Album


Shania Twain’s Now Album debuts at Number one on Billboard’s 200 Album Chart.   This is a big deal when you remember this is her first album back since the release of UP in 2002. “All in All is my favorite song on the album,” tweets the famed Canadian singer, about her newest album release. It has been 15 years and she seems to have survived quite a few ups and downs over the past decade or so. She is starting over now, and her album proves that. The fifth studio album on her belt, she also has a 2018 tour lined up. The tour will begin May 3 in Tacoma, WA then head up to Canada for quite a few shows, drop back to the US before heading up the Eastern front, it will finish at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on August 4, 2018. She will then make her first tour visit  back to the UK since 2004, which makes this pretty huge for just about everyone. She’s set to hit the British arenas on September 21, 2018, followed by a visit to Ireland. The final show is set to take place on October 2 in London. All in all, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Dublin, Belfast and London will be seeing her on stage

Shania Twain released Now on September 29. She says she has been longing to make a new album for a long time, but surviving Lyme disease was not easy. It was a slow process to get her back on track after realizing what was wrong with her vocal cords so many years ago. Writing the music has been her therapy, however, and getting back on the mic feels as good for her as it does for her fans. The album is not about her divorce, but more a reveal of her life as a whole in the past years as she struggled with different aspects of it. Family and love are her focus, however, and that makes us quite happy. Instagram was used to unveil the names of all 16 songs from the deluxe edition, including her favorite at the end:

1. “Swingin’ With My Eyes Closed”
2. “Home Now”
3. “Light of My Life”
4. “Poor Me”
5. “Who’s Gonna Be Your Girl”
6. “More Fun”
7. “I’m Alright”
8. “Let’s Kiss and Make Up”
9. “Where Do You Think You’re Going”
10. “Roll Me on the River”
11. “We Got Something They Don’t”
12. “Because of You”
13. “You Can’t Buy Love”
14. “Life’s About to Get Good”
15. “Soldier”
16. “All in All”