There’s Beauty from “Dusk Till Dawn” in New Zayn Malik and Sia Song

A new single has been announced by popular artist Zayn Malik, featuring Sia in its vocals. “Dusk Till Dawn” also seems to be showing off Girls star Jemima Kirke in the rather alluring music video that starts off kind of like a movie promo. The former One Direction singer has been making a name for himself rather well, and this Sia collaboration is bound to capture hearts everywhere. It is perfect as a movie soundtrack, with the Asian scenes really capturing our imaginations. It was co-written by the two along with 2017 Grammy producer Greg Kurstin. Hints about the song have been surfacing for about a month now, ever since Malik’s collaboration with Taylor Swift from 50 Shades Darker won the Best Collaboration Award at MTV’s Video Music Awards.

“Dusk Till Dawn” is fun, it’s catchy, and has fans around the world cheering at the incredible musical arrangements. It is quite epic really, with both artists considered powerhouses in the industry. The high notes are delivered to perfection, while the overall vocals leave nothing to be desired. Truly, this is a masterpiece of a song, as pretty much anything Sia works on generally seems to be great!  It’s huge in the pop genre and just the kind of music that should be playing on the radio as you drive off to work in the mornings. This is Malik’s second release in 2017, following in the heels of his “Still Got Time” single we got our hands on back in March. There is an album in the works of course, but we have neither name nor release date for it yet. There is a good chance it will blow us away.  For a kid who started in a cookie cutter boy band, Zayn Malik has come quite a ways, and has so much further to go still.