One Direction Announces Tracklist for Upcoming Album

Music Mix Daily Staff

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We’ve got to say, One Direction is a boy-band made of incredibly generous guys. Not only have they already released their album artwork, they’ve also already put out 2 awesome singles (“Drag Me Down” and “Infinity”) for their upcoming album. Now, with five weeks until the release of their 5th studio album, One Direction fans have another reason to celebrate – the release of the albums tracklist.

Even cooler than the announcement itself was the way the boys revealed the tracklist. Each current member of the band created cute (and in some cases totally off-the-wall) snapchat videos with the titles of each of the songs. That meant we got to hear the words from the lips of Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall themselves!

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Check out Liam Payne revealing the first track:

Although, to be honest, the guys were being pretty creative so oftentimes they didn’t actually say the words… but got the message across in other ways, like singing or using card signs!

In fact, a few of the snapchat videos showed the guys getting crazy, like the one where a filter-face was used and we couldn’t be 100 percent sure whose face was actually behind it!

Regardless, the tracklist was eventually revealed in its entirety (well, we think so anyway!):

1. “Hey Angel”

2. “Drag Me Down”

3. “Perfect”

4. “Infinity”

5. “End Of The Day”

6. “If I Could Fly”

7. “Long Way Down”

8. “Never Enough”

9. “Olivia”

10. “What A Feeling”

11. “Love You, Goodbye”

12. “I Want To Write You A Song”

13. “History”

14. “Temporary Fix”

15. “Walking In The Wind”

16. “Wolves”

17. “A.M.”

The only sad part of the tracklist release has been a running theme through all of the recent releases – the absence of ex-member Zayn Malik. But after these cheeky snapchat vids, we think these four have got it covered.

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Decide for yourself how the four are doing by grabbing your own copy of the new album, Made in the A.M. – it is set to be released on November 13th of this year. (And help out the boys in their competition against Justin Bieber, who is also set to release a new album on the same day!)