One Direction Releases New Love Song

Music Mix Daily Staff

One Direction 4


The boys of One Direction have released yet another song off of their upcoming album, Made in the A.M.. This release comes only two days before the full release of their album!

The song, titled “What a Feeling,” is all about love – the difficulty of getting the girl and the amazing feeling when they do – even if it does end up being fleeting. The mood of the song, the race to getting the girl and the crescendo of finally being with her, is well described in their lyrics: “What a feeling to be right here beside you now, Holding you in my arms, When the air ran out and we both started running wild, The sky fell down.” With such wistful, almost misty, lyrics, the slower tempo really suits the song.

Louis Tomlinson claims the song is one of his favorites off of the new record and goes so far as to say it “gives you kind of a completely different flavor to maybe what you’re used to.” The 23 year old Tomlinson goes on as to say the song is reminiscent of old-time band Fleetwood Mac’s more melancholic tunes.

Moreover, the new song comes at a good time, after the release of several songs from the album, each with their own mood. From the upbeat “End of the Day to the more alternative-folk song “History,” this new album is clearly a collection with different emotions in each song. In fact, they even released a song about their “cool”, maybe even macho, personas in the song “Perfect.” It is possible the song “Perfect might also be about One Direction member Harry Styles’ relationship with Taylor Swift – he has admitted that he draws on his failed relationships in his songs, but stops short of sharing that the song is actually about  Swift.