Parachute Backstage VIP Experience

By Lesa Browning

The band Parachute is on the Meant To Be Tour for their Overnight album in venues all over the country.  They are offering the typical add on VIP meet and greet before the show which they have done in the past which includes a chance to hear the band do an acoustic song and for fans to get a photo with the band.  This is fun.  But they are doing something special for a very very limited number of fans that jump online and snatch up one of  the ten tickets available per show.  It is called the Backstage Experience and it is quite a unique offering.

I had the opportunity to be part of this small group recently and since my friend Angela had to stay home sick for the night, there were actually only nine of us!  After a little confusion when the show ended, we eventually all found one another and were rounded up by a representative of the band and escorted backstage, upstairs to the “green room.”  There we found the members of Parachute, a few of their family and friends, some drinks and snacks and a whole bunch of fun!

At this particular venue there was a very strict hard curfew of 11:00 pm, so the clock was definitely ticking.  I think on average this “after party” lasts about an hour.  Posters were handed out and everyone had the opportunity to just mingle and chat with anyone they were interested in chatting with.  (and all band members had sharpies in hand, willing to sign just about anything) I met up with a couple friends of the new members of the band, that was fun and they were very nice.  I spent a few extra minutes with Kit French which was great and Will Anderson spent a little personal time with each VIP guest, making everyone feel special I think.  Plenty of photos were taken of everyone.  Just before we had to be out the door, we took a couple fun group shots that were emailed to us by the band.

It was a special experience and totally worth the extra cash for any die hard Parachute fan!


Backstage VIP Experience

Backstage VIP Experience

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