Parachute Meant To Be Tour

By Lesa Browning


Pop Rock band Parachute is just wrapping up a two month headlining tour titled Meant To Be, the title of one of the popular singles from the band’s third studio album, Overnight, released in August of 2013. Like the other tours Parachute has done in support of this album,  Meant To Be is a huge success with the band’s die hard fans.  One does not have to look far to find Parachute fans… in fact, some of us just have to go as far as the nearest mirror.  (It is no secret that I will jump at the chance to hear the band play live) I literally run into Parachute fans all the time. We ran a contest to give away a pair of tickets to the Sacramento show and received several communications asking us to do give aways in other cities, plenty of Parachute love out there.  Rest assured, when the next Parachute tour is announced we will do more give aways!


For this tour there were VIP meet & greet opportunities, special backstage after party events and of course great opening acts.  I was fortunate enough to see the Meant To Be tour twice, you can read about the Minneapolis backstage VIP experience here:  The last show I attended was in Sacramento at the Ace of Spades.  The venue was great with a well organized staff, plenty of security and most importantly great sound.  The opening acts were Matt Wertz and Mikey Wax, both were SO GREAT that they are deserving of a separate mention and I will be posting those within a couple days so please stay tuned and check them out.


So…. How was Parachute?  They were AMAZING!  Sure, I am a tad biased, but they were really “on” this night.  Now, Will Anderson is a Sacramento native, so maybe that gave them just a little bit more energy.  The crowd was certainly happy to see them and was not shy about letting them know it.  The band has been through a few changes in recent months, losing both guitarists. Seeing new faces has made some long time fans curious about how this was going to play out.  I understand that change is always a little difficult, but there is still just nothing but greatness on that stage. Will Anderson, Kit French and Johnny Stubblefield have been together from the start and their professionalism has made the transition appear seamless.      As a fan of this very consistent group of talented guys, I can’t wait for them to get back in the studio and see what comes next!

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