By Lesa Browning



American Pop Rock band Parachute wrapped up their most recent Overnight tour as they took to the road with Gavin DeGraw to promote their third studio album.  After a nationwide headlining tour, Parachute has been opening for both Walk Off the Earth and Gavin DeGraw in 2014. I have to admit, I was secretly in it this night for a Parachute tour.  After seeing the band a few months ago in another state, I just needed a little more of the fun that frontman Will Anderson and the guys bring to the stage.  So when I saw they were opening for DeGraw, it was all just icing on the cake.  Parachute was just as fun the second time around.  Playing to the very receptive audience they got the crowd up off their feet with hits like Can’t Help, Meant to Be and Something To Believe In.

Unfortunately the Parachute set felt all too short, but before he left the stage Anderson promised to be out at the merch booth to take photos.  We joined the large crowd that literally filled the entire lobby area and doubled back around.  I figured there was no way that even nice guy Will Anderson would stick around for all of these people.  But he did!  He was quick but friendly and had it down to a science, making sure everyone got the photo they were hoping for.  It was impressive.

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Parachute is:  Will Anderson, Johnny Stubblefield, Alex Hargrove, Kit French & Nate McFarland