Pearl Jam Releases New Protest Song

Pearl Jam releases “Can’t Deny Me” – American politics have often inspired top singles by top artists, but it appears the current administration has broken quite a few records in this regard already. Pearl Jam joins the crowd of artists speaking up against Trump’s policies, with the surprise release of “Can’t Deny Me” taking the Internet by storm. Eddie Vedder is certainly no novice when it comes to activism on the front lines, with the godfathers of grunge not backing down an inch in their policies. The song release debut occurred on Sirius XM’s Pearl Jam Radio. It takes hits at the current White House administration, while also alluding to the grassroots movements that have been popping up to thwart or counter the damaging policies being put into place. The song is strong on the lyrics, strong on the vocals and truly strong in the presentation. The art, of course, is no less intriguing. As a protest song, “Can’t Deny Me” really has the ability to get one pumped up and ready to right the wrongs occurring around them.

“You may be rich but you can’t deny me/ Got nothing but the will to survive” is a direct punchline against the president, of course, while also stating “The country you are representing/Condition critical.” Those who wish to listen to the song in full must log into Ten Club. Otherwise, we are simply given a 25-second preview to quell our thirst. Considering this is the first song since Lightning Bolt from five years back, it carries a pretty powerful effect.

Fans of Pearl Jam around the world will get to enjoy the music this year as they tour, while Seattle will get to see the group for the first time in five years as they plan to raise over $1 million to help fight against homelessness.