Pine League: They’re Kind of a Big Deal

By Blake Ellert


It become immediately clear by the nervous energy in the bar before the performance that Pine League where meant for big things. The performance has an energy that is contagious, by the end of the show there is a puddle from the rock that Pine League perspires. The skill of the musicians is easily displayed by the wailing of the guitars and the constant melodic bombardment that the band savagely brings to the audience. I realized that this band was on to something when I was viciously misled about a Bob Dylan cover, but was surprised with a Ke$ha cover that was better than anything in her entire catalog. I stumbled upon this band on a whim while meandering downtown, and I’m glad I did. With a high level of musicianship and an energy that perforates throughout whatever venue they play, Pine League is definitely a band to watch for in the coming months. It will only be a matter of time till this band takes off, I for one am glad I got to experience it on the ground floor.

Pine League is: Tyler Aker, Scottie Feider (Diamond Speedboat, The Rustics) Andy Bart (The Lion Oh My) Sam Stoner (The Rustics, The Lion Oh My)

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