Prince Releases Protest Song for Freddie Gray

By Music Mix Daily Staff



Joining the ranks of musical artists who have written politically charged songs of protest, Prince released his new track, “Baltimore”, ahead of his Rally 4 Peace, held in Baltimore this Sunday.

The song casts light on the tragic death of Freddie Gray and describes the reactionary protests that have raged in Baltimore ever since. The Rally, organized by Prince himself, was a huge success, bringing in throngs of supporters. To top it off, the pop star shared that all proceeds from the Rally will be donated to charity.

The new song itself, which is surprisingly upbeat considering its serious subject matter, tackles the events in Baltimore with admirable directness and veracity. With lyrics like “Peace is more than the absence of war” pointing to broad issues felt universally around the world and blanket truths like, ”If there ain’t no justice, Than there ain’t no peace,” the song’s political slant is strong and well-defined.

The song’s lyrics also describe the realities of Baltimore’s black residents with unflinching and pointed language. For example, Prince opens the song with the lyrics, “Nobody got in nobody’s way, So I guess you could say, It was a good day.” We can only imagine the sense of intimacy and gratitude felt by those in the crowd hearing the song for the first time.

We are proud of Prince for his support of the protests and tribute to Freddie Gray, and we hope he keeps up the energy and connection to the people of Baltimore. Since Prince is traditionally known as of a recluse, rarely making public appearances in recent years, his engagement and drive come as somewhat of a surprise. Then again, Prince did show his connection to the protests when he took the opportunity to share the rally-cry slogan “Black Lives Matter” during his brief appearance at the Grammy’s back in February.

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