Quavo Gets Featured in New Liam Payne Song

One Direction’s boys are all going their separate ways it appears, with Liam Payne the latest to come up with a great new song, his first solo single since the boy band went on hiatus. It seems to be an statement of all that he prefers to be doing these days. His life turned to fun and some naughty activities, a little Bacardi, a little striptease and pretty much the high life. “Strip That Down”  portrays what many a 23-year old would want out of life. Love, dancing, booze and some sexy time. Literally. The song has been co-written by Ed Sheeran and Steve Mac, with Quavo’s team-up a pleasant surprise. The boys are all grown up and heading out on their own. We can easily see that each has so much potential to explore, with Liam Payne the fifth and final member of the group to set out on the path to self-discovery.

“Strip That Down” comes with a great music video as well, all about the lyrics showing up in fun and creative ways. Though Justin Bieber seems to be battling for the Billboard slots, Payne’s hitting UK Top 10 charts with his new single, alongside Charlie Puth. Quavo thus has managed to take up two of the top three slots on the list at the moment, but it is Payne who celebrates his 18th work in the Top 10, including that which was made with the boy band. Of course, the media is focused mostly on his love life, but we are very much enjoying “Strip That Down” with all its honesty. It certainly appeals to the young adults around the world.