Rebelution Winter Greens Tour

By Lesa Browning



The Spokane Knitting Factory was jam packed on Saturday with a night full of Reggae.  Santa Barbara Reggae Rock band Rebelution brought their Winter Greens Tour to town in support of their 4th full length album Count Me In.  Supporting acts were the amazingly good Jeremy Loops and the ever popular Gondwana Chile.  Both openers were very well received by the sold out crowd.  I had a chance to do a little hanging out with Jeremy Loops after his set and he was a lot of fun.  His talent is off the charts crazy good!  I will definitely be looking forward to seeing him live in the future. Be sure to check out his new album Trading Change.




Rebelution is VERY popular with the Spokane crowd.  I was a little surprised to see a different group of people from the Reggae crowd that was at the same venue just a week earlier.  This week would find a more diverse, slightly more mature crowd. Overall very well behaved.  Although, there was one fight that broke out in the center of the tightly packed standing GA floor.  The band literally stopped what they were doing, gave a little lecture… then got right back down to business.

IMG_7610  IMG_7655

Rebelution has 10+ years of hits to draw from and they played both the old and new.  The crowd was signing and dancing along happily to all. “De-Stress” and “Roots Reggae Music” were by far, two of the most popular from the latest album.

The Winter Greens will continue for a few more weeks and then Rebelution will continue to tour various festivals and other venues into the summer. Check out their website for more information, music and merch. See them in a city near you!

Jeremy Loops has a new album “Trading Change” available now


Gondwana Chile can be found online at